Despite two challenging years, Canada can present some good news for businesses. Canadian economic recovery is well documented, resilient, and future-focused on sustainable enterprise.

Swedish companies are now reinvesting into the Canadian market at rates comparable to pre-pandemic levels. According to the OECD, Canada was the third-largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide in 2021, after the United States and China.

As the world changes, the need for strong partnerships becomes more apparent. Swedish-Canadian relations grow stronger year after year as we seek allies with shared values and reliability in both commerce and government.

In 2017, the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, otherwise known as CETA, came into effect. One in five firms (20 per cent) report lacking knowledge to take full advantage of CETA. This represents a gap in legislative changes and adoption by firms despite five years of regulatory overhaul. Team Sweden is ready to help businesses learn about trade relations and how best to benefit from CETA opportunities.

Being Swedish remains an important element of business in Canada. Four in five Swedish companies in Canada report that elements of the Swedish brand partially or significantly contribute to their business in 2022.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


In 2022, thirty-five Swedish subsidiaries participated in this survey providing insights on the overall business climate and general market trends in Canada. Our mission is to provide Swedish firms with valuable guidance to set up, support, expand, or just learn about the local market and opportunities.

We hope you will find the results enlightening, whether you have been established here for a century or are yet to consider the market.

Naturally, we would like to thank those companies who participated in this survey. We encourage anyone interested in the Canadian market to reach out to Team Sweden for more information and support.